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Decal Instructions

How to Apply your vinyl decal:
TOP LAYER: transfer sticky paper(which you can see the decal thru)
MIDDLE LAYER: the decal
BOTTOM LAYER: white shiny backing paper
Very Important: Make sure the surface you are applying to is clean!
1. Squeegee over your decal to ensure it is sticking firmly to the transfer paper.
2. Choose your desired location and place your decal exactly the way it comes and use masking tape to hold it in place.
3. Measure your design to make sure it is even. Lift the masking tape to adjust if need be to make it straight.
3. Place a long piece of masking tape  along the entire top of your decal.
4. Flip up the decal and peel the backing off. The masking tape is now working as a hinge.
5. Gently lay the vinyl design down starting from the top of the design.
6. Rubber over the design with a squeegee ( ex. Credit card, ruler, ect.)
7. Carefully peel off the transfer paper to reveal your design. Very slowly pull at an angle and make sure that your design is sticking to the surface.  If you notice that any letters are pulling up with the transfer paper, re- rub The transfer paper to help the vinyl release from the transfer paper. Congratulations! You're done!
**We recommend that you apply your decal within 90 days of receiving it.
** Please wait at least two weeks after painting your walls before applying your design.
**If you are applying your design to the back window of a vehicle with the wiper blade, it is recommended that you do not use the wiper blade for 48 hours after you apply your design.

If you have any questions or would like custom orders please feel free to contact me.